A Site for my Work

This will be my homepage for some time. Please feel welcome here and hope you enjoy all the content I’ll be posting.

Each artist needs at least one site of their own to set up all the stuff that simply won’t fit any of the already existing gallery sites out there. Here you’ll find not only my work, but also more projects and means to contact me directly and find any important information that can interest you if you like what I do. And what is it that I do? I really do believe that what I do is ART and I try to create thinking that way. But the final opinion is the most important, yours. You’ll decide either if what you find here is art and if you like it, it would be the best reward possible for me.

Why “The Blue and Dark Workshop” do you ask? Well, for starters the word Workshop sounds more humble than the word Studio as most of the Graphic Arts sites and organizations are called. In a workshop you work on your own crafts, always learning about your work and yourself and having only your effort to count on and the effort of those that are there with you. Kind of messy and noisy place is a workshop where people work with their own hands. Humble, but very efficient, and that can give the world amazing pieces of artwork. Yes, I like the word Workshop better than Studio.

Also, why Dark and Blue? Well, not everything dark is bad, and a good and cozy dark room can be a great place to think and create. Not cold, uneasy, empty darkness, but relaxing and protective, like the color blue. The blue is a great color, but mostly, I decided to pick blue simply because I like it! Art is, in the end, all about what we like, and that’s what’s so great about it and why it’s worth to dedicate a life to it.