How-To/What To Expect

How to work with me and what to expect.

I want the procedure of commissioning me to be as simple, pleasant and fun as possible. The Terms of Service exist mostly to clarify any possible confusion between the artist and the commissioner. But a very detailed contract is not really important when you just want art for personal use. So here’s a short version so you can know what to expect when working with me and how I usually work.

To commission me:

  1. Contact me with the information I require and we’ll start the commission procedure.
  2. In your form please include all the information I request to make sure I’ll have everything I need to work with your idea. At this point, it is important for you to point out if your commission needs to be finished by a very specific deadline to ensure I will finish in time. Also when you want the picture for a very specific use, for example for a wallpaper of 1920×1080, you need to let me know because in some cases, editing the dimensions of one picture to fit a very different size won’t be easy and will require extra charge.
  3. I can usually take between one day to two weeks to send a preview sketch after I receive your first email. That’s because I have a work list that frequently includes more than one commissioner at each time that needs to be finished in order. But if I take more time than that please don’t hesitate to contact me again as much as needed. I usually notify when I can take more time, but if for any reason I make a mistake, I’ll take full responsibility.
  4. After sending the preview sketch of your commission I’ll request full payment for it. If you want the sketch to be redrawn, I’ll wait for the payment until you’re fully satisfied with the preview. I’ll take full responsibility for any mistake done on my side with the sketch, but if you ask for a full redraw of the sketch caused because your description was not accurate enough or lacked of important information, the new sketch will be charged as extra.
  5. Once the preview sketch has been approved and payment sent, your commission will be finished as soon as possible and will be top priority. It can take between a day for more simple commissions to two weeks for very complex illustrations. The possible amount of time needed to finish your commission will be stated by me once you approve the sketch.
  6. You can request for updates and previews once a day unless I state otherwise. Some patience is requested for larger commissions though.
  7. Your finished commission will be either sent back through email or downloaded for this site or other online storage site. Larger files can only be downloaded from online storage given their size.

What you’ll get:

  • For Digital Artwork you’ll get a file that you can get through email or download through this site. I send two types of finished files, smaller files that you can upload on personal sites of around 1300×1330 pixels and High Resolution files that are 2500×2500 pixels for smaller commissions and 4000×4000 pixels for larger ones. I usually send JPG files for the finished picture, but if you want any other file format like PNG, TIFF, PSD or PDF just let me know. I’ll send as many edits of the finished picture as you need, for example for your personal website, your avatar, your profile picture, your wallpaper, etc. All pictures will come with a small and not intrusive watermark pointing to my art galleries.
  • For Traditional Art Pieces, you’ll always get a very high resolution scan (at least around 6000×6000 pixels on 600dpi) in the same way you get a digital artwork commission. To receive the original art piece you’ll have to pay for the shipping and it will be sent in a week after you send the money for the shipping. The package can arrive between a week and two months depending on where you live (I send the packages from Mexico). The package will be protected with cardboard and I will try to make sure it arrives as intact as possible. I send to any place in the world the standard postal service can reach and more than one art piece can be sent each time.

What you can do with the art you receive:

  • For any digital file you receive from me you’re free to upload it whenever you want as long as you use any of the watermarked versions I’ll be providing you. The watermark will be small enough to avoid it being intrusive.
  • You can’t claim that you did the picture and you can’t remove the watermark. It’s not obligatory but whenever possible please give me proper credit for doing the picture and link to any of my art galleries.
  • You can send the digital picture for printing if it’s going to be for private use.
  • You can’t sell either the physical copy of the picture or the digital file unless I give you explicit permission for it.
  • If you have a physical art piece I did for you, you’re free to frame it or/and expose it wherever you want as long as you don’t remove the signature and give me proper credit whenever needed.
  • If you need the picture for commercial use, we can come to an agreement to give you the proper permissions you may need.

What I can do with the art I create for you:

  • I remain with all rights over the artistic piece, such as exposing, publishing and editing whenever I want unless I state otherwise.
  • I will claim ownership of the artwork, but not of the character depicted in it whenever it’s not mine. Whenever possible I will give you proper credit of the ownership/design of the character and, in the given case, of the original idea on which I based the picture.
  • I will have the right to sell a digital, printed or edited version of the picture whenever I want unless there are copyright permissions to be granted. If you hold the rights over a character of which I have a picture, I’ll ask for permission and pay for the proper permissions to be granted if I need to sell a copy of the picture.

If you have questions of any kind about this list please never hesitate to ask through email.