Will/Won’t Draw This

What I’m willing to draw for you and what not.

I’m an artist always willing to try new challenges and new subjects. There will be very few subjects I’m not willing to draw so please don’t fear to share your ideas with me. For those few cases I won’t draw no matter what, I leave a list below that you can check before requesting a commission. If even with the list you are still unsure if your idea will be one of those things I don’t draw, you can always contact me and we can discuss the subject in a private and friendly way.

For any subject that doesn’t involve mature or adult material, pretty much everything is allowed. The following is the list of what I don’t draw:

  • Violent, political, or discriminatory ideas.
  • Extreme physical violence and gore.
  • Grotesque characters or that have extreme deformations.

I don’t mind drawing mature and adult subjects, since I believe art is meant to express all the aspect of the human nature. Specially subjects that involve sexuality are controversial, but things like tasteful nudity, erotic material and some artistic sexual scenes are quite welcome. But there are still some things I won’t draw, no matter how much I’m willing to explore a wide variety of subjects:

  • Extreme sexual fetishes of any kind are not acceptable.
  • Gay and lesbian relationships can be depicted. Adult gay or lesbian pictures can be turned down depending on the subject.
  • Crossdressers and transgenders are acceptable only under specific circumstances.
  • I’ll draw sexual scenes only when the idea has artistic value, and the characters involved are treated with respect.
  • I won’t draw children involved in sexual situations no matter what.

I reserve the right to turn down any commission idea that I don’t agree with or feel uncomfortable drawing, as long as payment has not been accepted.